Liberty Labor Day Update: 9/3/2020

Hello Friends and Families!!

Liberty Center is as always very concerned for the ongoing welfare, safety, and health of our residents and staff. As the situation regarding Covid-19 continues to develop in the State, Country, and World, we as a facility caring for our residents want to make sure we offer Residents and Families access to timely updates regarding the situation in our facility. To date the facility has turned a corner and we thankfully are COVID FREE in the facility!

Our staff continues to arm themselves with only the best top-quality PPE such as gowns, gloves, surgical, n95 masks, and an abundant amount of hand sanitizers including new dispensers strategically placed throughout the facility.

We have increased our staff educations to ensure all staff regardless of position or department are always vigilant and informed on how to use PPE, observe proper hand hygiene and monitor for symptoms to detect any infection early.

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