Liberty Center Update 10/27/2021

We hope this finds you well! Together we continue to power through this pandemic. We are sincerely appreciative of all your support as we continue following the guidelines established by the CDC and DOH. We are ensuring everyone is wearing appropriate PPE and are taking every step to continue to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In an ongoing effort to communicate with all our residents and their families and or representatives, we wanted to update you on the current situation regarding COVID-19 in the facility.
This is to inform you we have no COVID-19 positive staff members. We also currently admitted 1 Covid positive resident from the hospital to the facility with all the proper precautions in place.
All our residents and staff continue to be monitored as we are continuing COVID-19 testing to those who aren’t fully vaccinated.

Almost all our staff are fully vaccinated, and the rest will get their second dose by November 15th,  in accordance with Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

We started to give out the booster vaccine as well to ensure the safety of all staff and residents.

Our dedicated staff are committed to protecting our residents!

**We are open for in person visitation as well as Zoom or Skype visits with your loved ones.

In person, Zoom and Skype visits are by appointment only. Please contact Elaine Johnson at 215-693-3100 to schedule your appointment.

We will keep you informed regarding changes or information on the facility regarding the current situation. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 215-693-3100.

Again we appreciate your support through this time.

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