Covid-19 Update 9/15/2020

Dear Friends and Families,

We wanted all of our friends and families in the community to know that Liberty Center as always is committed to the health wellbeing and care of its residents and staff. As you well know this has been a challenging time for everyone and we made you a promise that we would always communicate developments and changes going on in the facility. Unfortunately we recently had to send a resident out to the hospital for a procedure complete unrelated to covid-19 and at the hospital that resident tested positive for Covid although the patient showed no symptoms and is recovering from the other procedure nicely. Though that resident is no longer at Liberty PA DOH has mandated that in the event any patient leaves a facility and tests positive that facility must test the residents and staff for Covid. Unfortunately one of our residents did test positive and has moved to a quarantined section of the building. The resident is doing fine and showing no symptoms at all. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us.

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